Festival FAQ

 When should I decide which workshops I want to take?
Upon arrival at 10am on Saturday there will be a welcome and meet and greet, you will sign up then for the workshop you would like to attend (that way we can decide which rooms to select for each workshop based on size of room needed so everyone can be accommodated! So you have ages to think about it. Download the VUF timetable , make a cuppa tea, and sit and read the Workshop descriptions to make your VUF choices!

I am visiting from out of town and would like to book a hotel?
Please contact the Sands Hotel, and quote Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2018.
There are only a limited number of rooms available at the promo rate.

I would like to attend the Gala Concert, is the theatre General seating?
Yes it is, The great thing is all the seats are really good!

I want to make a vacation in Vancouver out of coming to the Festival, what else is there to do in Vancouver?
Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, The Sands Hotel is right on English Bay, by the water and Stanley Park.  Here’s a link for Tourism Vancouver to find out what else Vancouver can offer you during your visit!

Is is C-tuning or D-tuning?
The Vancouver Ukulele Festival is taught in C-tuning for Soprano, Concerts and Tenor Ukuleles. However, if you play in D-tuning you can re-tune your Ukulele  for the event. Baritone chords will not be covered.

What do I need to bring?
A ukulele, a music stand (if you have one), something to write with, paper or a notebook, a bottle of water, cash or a credit card to shop at the Ukulele Market place, a packed lunch on both days, snacks, coffee if you need it, and a sense of “Yay Ukuleles!”.

I am a complete beginner will it be too hard for me?
There are all levels of workshops from beginner, general, to intermediate and advanced. The festival is designed to inspire you, and give you uke tools to be working on for a while!

 I have never played Uke before, shall I still come?
You would need to have general Beginner Ukulele playing skills for VUF 2019, there are workshops that are (All levels) this year, so there will something for everyone.

Can I have a refund if I can’t make it after all?
You can have a full refund 28 days before the festival begins, after that registration is non-refundable.

Can I attend just one workshop?
The festival is programmed as a Ukulele event, where part of the fun is to dive into 
‘Ukedom’ for a couple of days. So registration is for the full event only.

I can’t make both days of the festival can I come to just one?
The Festival is usually sold out, but If you can only attend one day and would still like to see if you can join us, you may go on a waiting list , and if  there are any spots left the day before the festival begins, we will contact you.
Send me an email to rubysukes@gmail.com with your name, phone number and which day you would like to attend. Please note 2018 is sold out.

Can I bring a friend to watch?
As space is really limited only those who are registered can attend.

Is there parking nearby?
Go to the festival  location page and it will give you maps and details of where to park. The Croatian Cultural Centre has a big car park.

I have registered for the weekend Ukulele festival workshop, do I need to buy a separate ticket to the Ukulele Concerts?
Yes, the concert tickets are sold separately as non Ukulele players attend too. Yes they still exist, but not for long!