Line-up – Tutors/performers

I am delighted to announce that Sarah Maisel, Craig Chee, Gerald Ross, Aaron & Nicole Keim, Daphne Roubini, Andrew Smith, Timothy Tweedale and Phil Addington
will be teaching at the VUF  2017!! 

Sarah Maisel & Craig Chee, San Diego, California

Gerald Ross, Detroit, Michigan

Aaron & Nicole Keim, Hood River, Oregon

Daphne Roubini & Andrew Smith, Vancouver, BC    and

Timothy Tweedale, Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Ukulele Festival Workshop Program 2017:
click to view 2017-VUF and click here to view workshop descriptions
In addition to workshops there will be:
2 Ukulele Jams, an Artist/Tutor Q&A, a Ukulele Market place, lunch time open-mic,
and other fun Ukulele events to celebrate the Mighty Uke in Vancouver!

 (please note line-up may be subject to change)