I am delighted to announce the stellar VUF 2018 Instructors/artists!
Rising Ukulele International star Kalei Gamiao from Hawaii, will be performing and
teaching for the first time in Canada! Along with Veteran Swing Ukulele player from L.A. Casey MaGill on the cover of the Summer edition of Ukulele Magazine!


Kalei specializes in Hawaiian finger style, improvisation, and strumming


USA | LA/Seattle

Ukulele Magazine studio:
Blue 4 Trio:
3 Questions with Jim D’Ville:
Casey specializes in vintage Swing Strum and vocal harmony


USA | New Mexico/LA
Reno Ukulele Festival:
Daniel specializes in Arpeggio meditations for Ukulele, and Flamenco Ukulele


USA | New Mexico/LA

3 Questions with Jim D’Ville
Ohana: (with partner Daniel Ward)
Specializes in getting everyone playing and is a columnist for Ukulele Magazine


Abe Lagrimas Jr
USA | Hawaii/LA

NAMM 2017:
Hawaiian Music supply
The Ukulele Review
Specializes in Ukulele Jazz and Blues Chord Melody, Improvisation, and Technique

USA | San Diego

Sarah specializes in Jazz, Doowop, and Blues Ukulele

Craig Chee
USA | Hawaii/San Diego

Hawaii Music Supply
 Specializes in Ukulele technique, strumming, and Fingerstyle 


 Specializes in voice, Jazz, folk, and finger style Ukulele

Timothy Tweedale 
Canada | Vancouver
specializes in Bluegrass, Contemporary Ukulele, Orchestral arranger for Ruby’s Ukulele Orchestra (more to come!)

Eduardo Garcia
Canada | Mexico
specilizes in Mexican rhythms, and Chord Melody (more to come!)