Festival Schedule


Friday evening Ukulele Gala Concert
March 22nd 2019  
Doors open at 6.00pm
Ukulele performances 2 sets of music with mass ukulele jam finale!


Two Full Days of Workshops and Ukuleledom!

Saturday 23rd March and Sunday 24th 2019
Doors open at 9.30am
Many Ukulele workshops to choose from attend 8 with your favourite tutors!
Ukulele Jams, Market place, tutor meet & greet, tutor Q&A, and lunch time open-mics!


See how last year’s event unfolded!

VUF 2018 Schedule
Saturday April 28th 2018
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Workshop 1

Craig Chee                                         “Boot Camp”(all levels)

Daniel Ward                                      “Right hand left hand” (all levels)

Sarah Maisel                                      “Doo wop till you drop” (all levels)

Eduardo Garcia                                 “Mexican Strumming” (B2/Int)

Heidi Swedberg                                 “Freight Train” (B2/Int)


Workshop 2

Abe Lagrimas Jr                                 “Anyone can improvise” (all levels)

Casey MacGill                                      “Swing, Rhumba, & Shuffle Strum” (B2/Int)

Kalei Gameo                                       ‘Arranging Ukulele Solos/instrumentals’ (Adv)

Mystery                                                 tutor Q&A or Informal uke Jam

Timothy Tweedale                            ‘Bluegrass Ukulele’ (B2/Int)


Lunch/ Open-Mic  (please bring a packed lunch)
1.15pm – 2pm


Workshop 3

Craig Chee                                         “Group Play” (Int)

Daniel Ward                                      “Arpeggio meditations for ukulele” (all levels)

Eduardo Garcia                                 “Chord Melody” B2/Int

Heidi Swedberg                                 “Easy Pickings” (B2/Int)

Sarah Maisel                                      “Intro to Jazz Ukulele” (B2/Int)


Workshop 4
3.30pm – 4.45pm

Abe Lagrimas Jr                               “Sophisticated Harmony” (adv)

Casey MacGill                                      “Vocal Harmony (Moonglow) (B2/Int)

Kalei Gameo                                       ‘Technique’ (All levels)

Mystery                                                 tutor Q&A or informal uke Jam

Timothy Tweedale                           “Contemporary Uke” (B2/Int)

Tutor Q&A/ Jam Finale
4.45pm – 5.30pm (we may go over so schedule your ride at 6pm!)


VUF 2018 Schedule
Sunday April 29th 2018

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Workshop 1
10.30am – 11.45am

Abe Lagrimas Jr                     “Intro to Jazz Improvisation” (Int/adv)

Casey MacGill                          “Chord progressions of the 20s,30’s & 40’s (B2/Int)

Craig Chee                             “Boot Camp” (all levels)

Sarah Maisel                          “Who needs a chord book” (Int)

Timothy Tweedale                “Bluegrass Ukulele” (B2/Int)


Workshop 2

Daniel Ward                          “Ethno-ukeology” (all levels)

Eduardo Garcia                     “Chord Melody” (B2/Int)

Timothy Tweedale                “Contemporary Uke” (B2/Int)

Heidi Swedberg                     “Songwriters Toolbox” (all levels)

Kalei Gameo                           “Improvisation” (Int/Adv)


Lunch/ Open-Mic                  (please bring a packed lunch)
1.15pm – 2pm


Workshop 3

Abe Lagrimas Jr                     “Chord Melody” (adv)

Casey MacGill                        “Swing, Rhumba, & Shuffle Strum” (B2/Int)

Mystery                                  Tutor Q&A/ or informal jam

Kalei Gameo                         “warm-up exercises” (all levels)

Sarah Maisel                          “Doo-wop till you drop” (all levels)


Workshop 4

Craig Chee                             “Shaping your sound” (B2/Int)

Daniel Ward                          “70’s Dance Party” (all levels)

Eduardo Garcia                     “Mexican Strumming” (B2/Int)

Mystery                                     Tutor Q&A/ or informal jam

Heidi Swedberg                     “F’ing around” (B2/Int)

Tutor Q&A/ Jam Finale
4.45pm – 5.30pm (we may go over so schedule your ride at 6pm!)

Please note you  will be choosing your workshops on the first morning of the festival  and register then. (The VUF team will then add up the numbers and allocate rooms based on workshop interest).  Enjoy choosing! Thanks.