Ukulele Workshops


All workshops are held at our beautiful heritage teaching studio,
Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele School 525 Seymour Street

Fall  Workshops 2017
Ukulele Master Series~

This Fall we are delighted to be presenting our Uke Master Series!
Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Master Workshop & Concert | Jim D’Ville
Sunday 29th October 2017 
Workshop 3.30pm-5.00pm
Concert 6pm-7pm
Doors open 3.00pm
The Cost is
$45 for workshop and concert ( includes complimentary tea and snacks!)
Join us for a wonderful evening of ukulele education and inspriation!

Eventbrite - Ruby's Ukes Master Series Workshop |  Jim D'Ville

Ukulele Master Workshop with Jim D’Ville
Learning Songs The Fun Way, By Ear! (All Levels)Join Jim D’Ville for an engaging fun, transformational Ukulele workshop!Jim has combined the most popular elements of his Play Ukulele By Ear #1 and #2 workshops into a sleek new presentation which offers the ear a delightful journey through some of the most popular chord progressions in western pop music. This is a hands on, ears on, play along session utilizing super familiar songs. Once you start learning songs this way you’ll never go back to simply playing from the book!
More about Jim D’Ville

Jim D’Ville is a music educator and facilitator who is on a mission to get ukulele players off the paper and playing music by ear. For nearly a decade Jim has taught his Play Ukulele By Ear workshops to thousands of players in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He has taught and performed at major ukulele events including the Scotland Ukulele Festival, Ashokan Ukulele Festival, Melbourne Ukulele Festival, the West Coast Ukulele Retreat and many others. Jim is the author of the Play Ukulele By Ear DVD series and hosts he popular Play Ukulele By Ear website (
Jim is a Contributing Editor to Ukulele Magazine and is sponsored by Kala Brand Music and the Deering Banjo Company.

Jim’s Play Ukulele By Ear workshops are a high-energy roller coster of learning and laughs. He is a one-of-a-kind. Buckle up!“  James Hill

Have a look at some video:
Columbia Gallop:
The Redcliffe Rag: 



Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Master Workshop & Concert | Stuart Fuchs
Friday November 10th 2017 
Workshop 6pm-7.30pm
Concert 8pm-9pm
Doors open 5.30pm
The Cost is
$45 for workshop and concert ( includes complimentary tea and snacks!)
Join us for a wonderful evening of ukulele education and inspriation!Eventbrite - Ruby's Ukes Master Series Workshop |  Stuart Fuchs
Ukulele Master Workshop with Stuart Fuchs
Ukulele Zen “Become one with the Strum”
Join renowned ukulele performer, teacher, and endorsing Kala artist Stuart Fuchs for a very memorable experience of learning and ukulele fun!
Stuart will answer many nagging questions about playing while you play fun and accessible songs in a variety of styles. You’ll explore the stylistic nuances that create the true sounds of reggae, jazz, blues, etc.  In addition, Stuart will share many new ukulele tricks that will be sure to spice up your playing including triplet strums, chucking, and other musical effects.
When practiced regularly, the playful and holistic method of “Ukulele Zen” will improve your body awareness, and enable you to experience deep relaxation and a sense of effortlessness while playing your ukulele. You’ll become “One with the Strum”!
This workshop is open to beginners through advanced students (some basic experience playing ukulele is recommended). There will be plenty of great takeaways for your home practice, new friends made, and much joy to be had learning together in community!!


More about Stuart:
 Stuart is an award winning multi-instrumentalist and has presented his fun, innovative and holistic workshops at ukulele festivals and retreat centers internationally.  Stuart Fuchs,  will delight and amaze you with a concert of dazzling instrumentals and uplifting soulful songs.  Stuart’s jaw-dropping ukulele virtuosity,  world influenced guitar styles and singing has wowed audiences on four continents and greatly expands the possibilities of the humble four stringed uke.   With instrumental music & song, Stuartperforms a heartwarming array of styles – from Gyspy swing to Brazilian choro & samba, Celtic styles and original songs.  More than just a concert, an evening with Stuart is a deep and engaging experience for audiences of all ages complete with storytelling, poetry and humor…you may even hear the hypnotic sound of the Aboriginal didgeridoo too!   Audiences laugh, sing and clap along, and may even shed a tear at the wonders of life expressed in Stuart’s music.

Stuart is an endorsing artist with Kala Ukuleles and Planet Waves.

Watch Stu perform at an Aztec Temple:
“You haven’t heard the ukulele until you’ve heard Stu play the ukulele – from Brazilian choro to jazz to his own soulful original songs”.  -Marion Jacobson, ethnomusicologist and writer for The Atlantic.


“Masterful playing and creative arrangements - Stuart Fuchs is a Tour de Force on Ukulele with taste and a heavy finger on the talent button.” -Cathy Fink, GRAMMY Award Winner & Producer


More workshops to come, check back soon!
Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Workshops are two hours long and cost $35
and are a great way to start playing, or hone your particular area of Uke interest!

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