Ukulele Workshops

Workshops will take place live. on-line. interactive
in  The Ruby’s Uke Ukulele Zoom Room, and back in physical class
as soon as the COVID-19 chapter has passed, hopefully soon!

Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Workshops are 90 minutes long and cost $35
and are a great way to start playing, or hone your particular area of Uke interest.

Spring  workshops 2021

‘Sense the strum’    [updated version!]  SOLD OUT
Sunday March  28th 2021
2pm-3.30pm (PST)
with Daphne Roubini
In this popular workshop we will dive into and explore how to unlock strum feels and patterns by the sensing the strum, moving beyond attempting to create music out of  the ‘down and up’ approach to strumming.   Exercises will be given to practice this illusive right hand technique, traversing different feels, time signatures, and genres. This workshop has successfully helped hundreds of Ukulele players, maybe thousands now, connect with this intuitive  approach to strumming where you will learn to re-create any strum you like!
Registration now open!
We look forward to helping you get your uke playing to your personal
next level!
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