Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2015

Welcome to the Vancouver Ukulele event of the year!
Pencil in dates March 6th, 7th & 8th 2015!

Thank you to everyone who made this a phenomenal 2014 success!! Watch out 2015!


Over the weekend of March 8th and 9th, beginners and experienced players immersed themselves in the world of Ukulele with a unique concert and series of workshops at the Fifth Annual Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2014 Sold out!

On the evening of Saturday, March 8th, Ruby’s Ukes  presented a Ukulele concert at
St James Hall in Kitsilano, featuring some of the finest ukulele players from across North America.

The Concert was  headlined by the first Canadian appearance by American ukulele youtube star Danielle Ate The Sandwich, along with performances from folk hero Aaron Keim of The Quiet American, Yorkshire’s music hall maestro Ralph Shaw, virtuoso Guido Heistek and Ruby & Smith, the new project from Vancouver’s ‘first lady of Uke’, Daphne Roubini.   Sold out!

On both Saturday and Sunday, players learnt from these performers as they held a series of workshops at Ruby’s Ukes, taking in everything from Django Reinhardt techniques to song writing tricks of the trade. No matter what your skill level, there was something for everyone.

Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2014 Concert at St James Hall | Featuring
a rare live performance of Danielle Anderson and The Quiet American

Here are some highlights from 2013:

Black Gardenia ~ Ruby, Guido Heistek, Andrew Smith and Joanie Kepler

Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4874 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4846 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4836 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4824 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4774 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4749 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4732 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4720 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4705 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4698 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4615 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4608

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