Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2018

“After an amazing sold out VUF 2017, fantastic gala concert, fun and transformative workshops and our first full Ukulele market place, I am delighted to announce the 2018 dates  and confirmed instructors/artists so far.  April 27th, 28th & 29th 2018!
 with an evening Gala concert hall that can seat 500, and by popular request  two
FULL days of Ukulele workshops and jams. Can’t wait to be in Ukulele heaven!”

Daphne Roubini,
of Ruby’s Ukes, is the Founder, Artistic Director & Producer
of The Vancouver Ukulele Festival, coming up for its 9th year!

VUF 2018
Eventbrite - Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2018 | 2 Day Ukulele Workshops & Gala Concert
$279 / $220 (early bird price ends February 28th 2018!)

Friday evening Ukulele Gala Concert
April 27th 7pm-10pm 
An enchanting evening of Ukulele, where you  get to experience the tutors you will be taking workshops from in their full performance glory, or just listen and enjoy, completed by a mass Ukulele jam and sing-a-long!


Two Full Days of Workshops and Ukuleledom!
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th 10am-5.30pm
24 Ukulele workshops to choose from plus –
Ukulele Jams, Market place, tutor meet & greet, tutor Q&A, and lunch time open-mics.
A chance to grow your ukulele playing and good times!
I am delighted to announce confirmed Instructors/artists!
The schedule, and workshops offered, will be up nearer the time of the festival, (at the latest 2 weeks before) Please note you  will be choosing your workshops on the first morning of the festival  and register then! We want it to be perfect!! Thanks!

If you are a tutor/performer who would like be part of VUF 2019
(the line-up for 2018 is now set to go.)
Please email Daphne Roubini at with your artist application.including:  live video performance and workshop specialties.

 Watch last year’s highlights!

Have a look at highlights from VUF 2014, a sold out event!

Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2014 Concert at St James Hall | Featuring
a rare live performance of Danielle Anderson and The Quiet American

And some more highlights from 2013:

Black Gardenia ~ Ruby, Guido Heistek, Andrew Smith and Joanie Kepler

Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4874 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4846 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4836 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4824 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4774 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4749 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4732 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4720 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4705 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4698 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4615 Vancouver_Uke_Concert_2013_Gem_Salsberg_Photography_4608

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