Workshop Descriptions

Click here for printable Workshop timetable  2017-VUF
(plus Ukulele Jams, tutor Q&A, Lunch-time Ukulele open-mic,
Ukulele market place, and more Uke Magic!)

Aaron Keim

“Clawhammer Uke”  (Int)                                            Saturday 7pm-8pm
In this engaging workshop Aaron will teach you how to play clawhammer Ukulele and add a whole new world to your right hand technique!

“Old Time Gospel” (All levels)                                    Sunday 10.30am-11.30am
In this fun all level workshop you will delve into the world of old time gospel music, perfect for a Sunday morning start and new additions to your Ukulele repertoire!

“Chords, Scales and Keys” (Int/Adv)                        Sunday 1.15pm-2.15pm
In this workshop you will explore the exciting world of music theory and how it can take your playing to the next level.


Andrew Smith

“Sound & Tone” (All levels)                                              Sunday 1.15pm-2.15pm
In this unique workshop Andrew will explore how to create a lovely tone on your Ukulele. He will explore;  the positions on your Ukulele to get your best tone, right hand techniques, alternative  strings choices, and the use of  pickups, amps and pedals!  Bring your sound to the next level in this exciting new workshop!

“Finger-style Ukulele” (Beg2/Int1)                             Sunday 2.45-3.45pm
In this workshop you will discover the right hand technique that is fingerstyle playing, perfect for use as right hand accompaniment, and solo-ing technique!
A follow up video will be sent to participants of this workshop.


Craig Chee

“Ukulele Boot Camp” (All levels)                           Saturday 7.00pm-8.00pm
High G tuning recommended
Craig’s most popular workshop! Craig’s ever adapting Boot Camp will dive into a ton of exercises that will help strengthen and quicken your fingers as well as focus on your tone.
We will then show how these exercises are applied to intermediate and even advanced
techniques to take you to the next level! ‘Ukulele beginners to intermediates will have lots to chew on as there are many variations for all levels.
*There will be a follow up video that will be created to go over the important elements as well as expand on some of the ideas brought up during the workshop.


“Intro to solo-ing” (Beg2/Int1)                                    Sunday 10.30am-11.30am
Ever wondered how the pros do it? Craig will show you the tricks to starting your solos. Whether it’s playing solo, or jamming with others, he will get you feeling confident about your skills. He will utilize drills and exercises that are fun and easy to practice. Get out of your strumming rut and start soloing!


“Tips and tricks” (Int)                                                        Sunday  1.15pm -2.15pm
Ever wonder how the pros add those embellishments? Well this is the class for you-
Craig will take you through different progressions and various picking exercises to get your playing to the next level. You’ll be learning some of the tricks that even he uses.


Daphne Roubini

“Strum Away” (All levels)                                                    Sunday  1.15pm-2.15pm
Struggling with strumming?  In this workshop Daphne will teach you to create any strum pattern you hear! This is a dynamic fun workshop that will take your strumming to the next level!


Gerald Ross

“You don’t need all those chords”  (Beg2/Int1)           Saturday 7.00pm-8.00pm
One look at the number of chords typically found in a ukulele chord dictionary is enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel and quit. It looks like thousands! Do you really need to learn all those chords? The answer is a definite no! But if you don’t learn all the chords how will you play in all the keys? How will you quickly play an A flat chord, a C sharp minor or a B minor? And what if the singer decides to sing in the key of E flat? Closed position chords to the rescue. These easily fingered “chord shapes” are the chameleon chords of the ukulele. One movable “chord shape” is twelve different chords. We will use simple songs to explore this concept. After the workshop you’ll ask yourself “why didn’t somebody show me this years ago? It’s so easy.”


“Once in a blue moon”(Beg2/Int1)                                   Sunday 10.30am-11.30am
The popular song Blue Moon is a fun song to play on the ukulele using basic open-string chords. However, using these chords does not achieve the sound and rhythm associated with a bluesy/swing beat.  In this fun, easy-to-understand workshop we will learn a few closed position chords that will have you playing that correct swing sound. The material covered in this workshop is not exclusive to the blues/swing world, it can be used for  all styles of music. No music theory needed. no music reading required. No knuckle-busting chord shapes to learn.


“How to write a chord chart” (beg2/Int1)                        Sunday 2.45pm-3.45pm
Have you ever wondered how professional musicians perform an unknown piece of music; a song they’ve never heard before?  Typically they are handed a sheet of music, they take a few quick glances at it, the band leader counts off the song and they immediately play the song. Can a hobbyist musician do this? Does one need to spend years learning music theory and perfecting sight-reading skills? Yes they can and no, years of training are not needed.  The secret is learning to read and write a standard chord chart.

Nicole Keim

“Ukulele Jumpstart” (Beg1/Beg2)                            Saturday 7.00pm-8.00pm
This workshop is perfect for the new Ukluele player and will get you started and prepared for the rest of the festival!

“Basics of Harmony Singing” (All levels)               Sunday 2.45pm-3.45pm
In this workshop Nicole will explore the power of the natural voice and how beautiful it is to sing in harmony.

Phil Addington

“Bass Uke” (Beg2/Int1)                                                       Sunday 10.30am-11.30am
In this workshop Phil will show you how to add playing the Ukulele Bass to your repertoire of Uke skills. You will need to have a Bass Ukulele to take this class and be able to read tablature.


Sarah Maisel

“Doo Wop till you drop” (All levels)                                 Saturday 7.00pm-8.00pm
This class focuses on popular progressions, including Doo-Wop, Blues, and Pop. With those we will also discuss holding the instrument, barre chords, and creating efficiency while playing. It’s a perfect class for the beginner through to experienced ukulele player.

“Open up the World of Chord Melody” (Beg2)              Sunday 10.30am-11.30am
In this workshop Sarah will easily open the world of chord Melody playing perfect for playing both parts yourself or creating an exciting instrumental solo for a song you are singing!

“Easy Embellishments” (int/Adv)                                         Sunday 2.45pm –3.45pm
You know your basic chords and have been playing them for years. Now it is time to strengthen your Ukulele knowledge and exercise those fingers with some tricks of the trade! This class will go over Substitution Chords, Runs, and Walk Downs. With your new chord knowledge, you will discover these embellishments can be used on many songs you already know!


Tim Tweedale

“Bluegrass Ukulele” (Beg2/Int1)                             Sunday 1.15pm-2.15pm
Delve into the world of bluegrass playing, in this workshop Tim will present Bluegrass repertoire, intros and right hand techniques.

“Contemporary Uke” (Beg2/Int1)                           Sunday 2.45pm-3.45pm
From Cold Play, to Radio Head and U2, Tim will present contemporary Uke tunes and techniques!

(this may be subject to change)