What level am I?
The million dollar question! 
Please read “What level am I?” for a detailed description to find the perfect course for you!

How do I register for a Ukulele Class?
If you go to our Courses and Registration page you will find links for easy on-line registration and payment at Eventbrite, a secure, award winning site. Simple and Instant!

Will you continue to offer classes on-line when we can gather again?
We have found that teaching on-line due to CV-19 has had unexpected gifts, enabling our students from outside Vancouver to take class with us, as well as those in Vancouver to kick back, not travel and enjoy class. So we will  continue to offer classes on-line once we can gather safely.  And plan moving forward to offer a hybrid program, some classes in person and some on-line. Then you get to choose the class that suits you best. Watch out for
in-person  class announcements, and updates, and make sure you are on our email list to receive priority registration.

Cancellation Policy?
The Ruby’s Ukes Cancellation policy is 100% refund up to 7 days before the classes
begin. However the Eventbrite fees are non-refundable.

How do I get my Zoom and Class materials page links?
You will be sent your Zoom and class materials page links a few days before your class begins.  If you have not received them 24 hours before your class, then please get in touch with us. Please add rubysukes@gmail.com to your contacts, and look out for an email from us. Do check your junk mail before getting in touch with us, as more often than not, voila, it’s there!

Can I see the class curriculum before I register?
As each class of individuals has its own personality, we create materials  before the class starts, AND during it’s progress. If for example we see the majority of students are struggling with a concept we will create additional materials to reinforce learning. Or if students ‘get it’ really quickly we will add in materials that challenge the class a bit more. So the answer is no we don’t send out the week by week course curriculum before the class starts. We reckon that is part of what makes our classes the phenomenal successes they are, the organic, connected way we navigate your learning journey.

Will the classes be recorded?
There will be short video excerpts recorded of the teacher showing techniques in the class but not the whole class. We believe the sense of privacy, relaxation and safety of all the students in class is paramount, as we connect into people’s private spaces.  There is a class materials page that has all the song charts, theory handouts, audio samples, video clips and anything else that will be part of your course materials. This enables easy access to      the handouts of the week should you have to miss a class and need to catch up. Unlike the zillion free tutorials on youtube we offer a real time,  live, on-line, interactive experience. We like to think your appointment to play and learn with Ruby’s Ukes is a special, fun, moment in your week’s schedule not to be missed. We feel this encourages your commitment to regular playing which is the foundation of progress when playing a musical instrument. We know life happens, so then there is the class materials page! It’s so cool.

How big are the classes?
The usual size for each class is approximately  28 to 30 students – we find this the perfect size big enough for great atmosphere and a fun time learning, and small enough to receive what is being taught and integrating it! We find some of the best learning happens from students sharing their journey with their classmates, and being anonymous at times too! Our on-line offering follow the same structural ethos as our in-person classes, and we believe is part of what makes them so successful and enjoyable.

Should I automatically progress to the next level? Can I repeat the same level?
The classes are designed to be continued at, with new materials each term. For example, students are encouraged to continue at the beginner 3 level a few times before moving to Intermediates . And Intermediates many,  many times, before advanced. There are tangible leaps between levels as our regular students will testify to!  Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful journey and a perfect opportunity to be of beginner’s mind again, and again, at something! Music is very much about muscle memory and consolidation, so you can know of something, but not be able to do it.  At Ruby’s Ukes we encourage you to continue to the next level, not when your brain wants more, but when your hands and ears do. That way you will just keep succeeding and being inspired to continue. If the level is too challenging it can be more off putting than motivating, and in the long run be less enjoyable and successful. Our philosophy is to focus on the consolidated joy of learning, encouraging students to put aside a sense of striving and perfectionism, allowing your musical ability to easily, naturally and enjoyably grow! Apart from Absolute Beginner/B1 each term presents brand new materials, so there is always something new to learn and be inspired by!

Why do we have to wait to register each term?
Creating community is of great importance to us at Ruby’s Ukes, the existing students taking class are given the opportunity to continue their Ukulele education at Ruby’s Ukes first before registration open to new students. This way we nurture the present students’ individual musical journeys and the growing Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele community.  We will definitely do our best to make space for new students. Your Uke enthusiasm and journey is  of paramount importance to us too!

I  need to miss a class can I attend a make up class?
For the best learning outcomes, class cohesion, and efficient use of the Ruby’s Ukes tiny team’s time, there is no switching between classes. Your class time is your appointment to play, so carve out that time in your week to attend, or catch up later on the class materials page. We encourage a ‘Uke Buddy’ system in class, so if you do have to miss a class, your uke buddy is there to get in touch with and hear all about it!  Simple and nice way to connect with other budding musicians, only  if you like of course! So you are only registered for the class you register for. Simple!

Where’s the  returning student promo code?
There is no longer a promo code for returning students. We did this for many years and now we find that most of our registration tiny team time is spent helping people get their discount, or sending it via E-transfer, and other such moments of life here at Ruby’s Ukes. We prefer to keep our prices simply, exceptionally, great value for the stellar classes we present and the amazing time we all have together. Cheers!

How Long has Ruby’s Ukes been going?
I  set up Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele School in September 2009.  Going into our 12th year,  we now have sold out classes and LOTS of smiling faces, our youngest student is 13 yrs and eldest 92yrs! It has been a beautiful journey of challenges, joy, thinking cap on big time moments and most of all an absolute pleasure to bring music into the lives of the many and the curious. Thank you all.

Why did you start Ruby’s Ukes?
I fell in love with the Ukulele with a depth that lodged an enthusiasm for the Uke that nothing except setting up Ruby’s Ukes could cure! Music has always been the mainstay of my pleasure & sanity, and after taking a few courses in music, mainly Jazz, I found the Ukulele, the perfect vehicle for my personal & professional expression.  I looked for group classes for myself and couldn’t find any, so I set up the school, with 11 classes a week and growing I am grateful to all the students who made my ukulele dream come true!   

What happens if I can’t make all the classes I have registered for? Can I move between classes? 
As mentioned but just in case… for the best learning environment There is no transferring between classes as  each course runs separately, and develops in slightly different ways depending on the individuals in each class.  We appreciate you not writing to ask, we have a tiny team standard reply you will receive. 🙂 yes, really.

What kind of repertoire do you teach?
Ruby’s Ukes presents a Ukulele Course Extraordinaire  – learning a swing, jazz, blues, & folk repertoire. The learning outcomes are of utmost importance and we are always  open to new material! Apart from the Absolute/Beginner 1 repertoire each term will have a whole new repertoire of material with similar learning outcomes, yup, our teachers work their proverbials off to create amazing new resources every term. We hear the appreciative cheers from here!

What is the format of the class?
Classes are 90-minute sessions and will leave you smiling and a whole lot smarter!  There is a complimentary snack break half way through to keep the Uke brain going! Of course this is only for the in person classes, when you are home, take that moment for a sip of tea and cookie. You never know we might one day do our famous snack break delivery, but that may be a whole other business.

Can I drop in?
Each Ukulele course is designed to be received as a weekly educational journey, so to keep the continuity and process for each student we only have students who register for the whole course joining in. We regularly run 90 minute Ukulele workshops that are perfect for any busy schedule!

Do you teach children?
Ruby’s Ukes is an adult Ukulele School (13yrs +) however, we do run family Ukulele classes where the parent and Child learn together. I believe the best way for a child to learn music is together with his or her family.  We are working on an on-line family program, this would certainly be the most challenging of our classes to do well. So once we figure out how to do that, we will!

Should I call you ‘Ruby’ or ‘Daphne’?
I love this question, my name is Daphne Roubini, but my friends in school called me Ruby after my family name Roubini, you can call me either! (FYI our  bee logo is a ‘Ru-bee’…)

I would like to buy a Ukulele can I come to your shop?
We don’t have a shop anymore. I recommend Bone Rattle Music on Commercial Drive. Tell Phil Ruby sent you.

I would like to have some strap buttons put on my Ukulele? I have a Ukulele Repair to be done, where shall I go?
At present we are not doing Ukulele repairs or button fittings.

Can I bring a friend to watch the class?
To maintain the best learning environment possible we have a policy that no visitors are able to sit in on physical classes. This extends to and includes family members in the zoom room.  Registration is for one person per registration creating an authentic individual connection with the teacher as well as the class.  All our teachers are working hard to stay connected to each and every student during the class by watching them play on their screens, or in class, so when you register it for one student only. When taking class on-line please keep pets away from cameras too, as the on-line class participants can attest to, a cat saying hi to you, with it’s behind to the camera may be TMI taken to the extreme!

Can I learn the Baritione Ukulele at Ruby’s Ukes?
Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles have the same tuning, and the Baritone is tuned like a guitar. At present we do not have Baritone Ukes in class.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?
We use Eventbrite for our on-line registration, internationally secure website to assist with the job of registering our growing number of students per term. I really appreciate this method as it  leaves me time to plan all the great new workshops, and courses I am going to run!  If you do not have a credit card then you may get in touch to send an e-transfer, please note this will be the same amount at paying via Eventbrite.

What tuning do you teach in? C-tuning (GCEA) or D-tuning (ADF#B)?
We teach in C-tuning, if you have been playing in D-tuning you could re-tune your Ukulele.

I am left handed and would like to join the class what should I do?
We have a ukulele tuned for left handed people you could borrow in class and we could switch the strings for you, or you could just play right handed, everyone is learning to use both hands, this is something for you to experiment with. Ask at your music store for their advice and assistance, or in class our teachers will be happy to assist you.

Please feel free to contact Ruby at rubysukes@gmail.com if you have any questions that remain unanswered. I’d be happy to chat to you!
– Ruby the bee.