What level am I?
The million dollar question! 
Please read “What level am I?” for a detailed description to find the perfect course for you!

How do I register for a Ukulele Class?
If you go to our Courses and Registration page you will find links for easy on-line registration and payment at Eventbrite, a secure, award winning site. Simple and Instant!

Cancellation Policy?
The Ruby’s Ukes Cancellation policy is 100% refund up to 7 days before the classes
begin.  As classes are often sold out, after that refunds are our at our discretion, and if we
(or you) can find someone to take your spot, we usually do!

How big are the classes?
The usual size for each class is approximately  28 – we find this the perfect size big enough for great atmosphere and a fun time learning, and small enough to receive what is being taught and integrating it! There is usually at least one volunteer teaching assistant and sometimes two. We find some of the best learning happens from students sharing their journey with their classmates, and being anonymous at times!

Why do we have to wait to register each term?
Creating community is of great importance to us at Ruby’s Ukes, the existing students taking class are given the opportunity to continue their Ukulele education at Ruby’s Ukes first before registration open to new students. This way we nurture the present students’ individual musical journey and the growing Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele community.  We will definitely do our best to make space for new students. Your Uke enthusiasm and journey is  of paramount importance to us too!

How Long has Ruby’s Ukes been going?
I  set up Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele School in September 2009.  Going into our 9th year,  we now have sold out classes and LOTS of smiling faces, our youngest student is 13 yrs and eldest 92yrs!

Why did you start Ruby’s Ukes?
I fell in love with the Ukulele with a depth that lodged an enthusiasm for the Uke that nothing except setting up Ruby’s Ukes could cure! Music has always been the mainstay of my pleasure & sanity, and after taking a few courses in music, mainly Jazz, I found the Ukulele, the perfect vehicle for my personal & professional expression.  I looked for group classes for myself and couldn’t find any, so I set up the school, with 11 classes a week and growing I am grateful to all the students who made my ukulele dream come true!   

What kind of repertoire do you teach?
Ruby’s Ukes presents a Ukulele Course Extraordinaire  – learning a swing, jazz, blues, & folk repertoire. The learning outcomes are of utmost importance and we are always  open to new material!

What is the format of the class?
Classes are 90-minute sessions and will leave you smiling and a whole lot smarter!  There is a complimentary snack break half way through to keep the Uke brain going!

Can I drop in?
Each Ukulele course is designed to be received as a weekly educational journey, so to keep the continuity and process for each student we only have students who register for the whole course joining in. We regularly run 2 hour Ukulele workshops that are perfect for any busy schedule!

Do you teach children?
Ruby’s Ukes is an adult Ukulele School (13yrs +) however, we do run family Ukulele classes where the parent and Child learn together. I believe the best way for a child to learn music is together with his or her family. We have a class at Trout Lake Community Centre with a Ruby’s Ukes teacher.  Register at the TTC website.

Should I call you ‘Ruby’ or ‘Daphne’?
I love this question, my name is Daphne Roubini, but my friends call me Ruby, you can call me either! (FYI our  bee logo is a ‘Ru-bee’…)

I would like to buy a Ukulele can I come to your shop?
We also have a Ukulele boutique selling Vintage Ukuleles, Kalas, Emus, Tuners, straps, The Vancouver Ukulele Songbook and other uke accessories, for sale to students during term time at Ruby’s Ukes School downtown.

I would like to have some strap buttons put on my Ukulele? I have a Ukulele Repair to be done, where shall I go?
Andrew Smith is Ruby’s Ukes resident Luthier, he will be happy to assist you. You can contact him on 604 782 1435 or email: ukulelerepairman@yahoo.com  for a free quote and an appointment to come to his Ukulele repair workshop. Andrew is recommended by Mya Moe to repair the Langley Ensemble Ukuleles, and Mya Moe Ukes in Vancouver.

What happens if I can’t make all the classes I have registered for? Can I move between classes?
For the best learning environment There is no transferring between classes as  each course runs separately, and develops in slightly different ways depending on the individuals in each class.  

Can I repeat the same level?
The classes are designed to be repeated and material changes each term, for example some students repeat
the beginners a few time before moving to intermediates. Learning is a wonderful journey and a perfect opportunity to be of beginner’s mind again at something!

Can I bring a friend to watch the class?
To maintain the best learning environment possible we have a policy that no visitors are able to sit in on the class.

Can I learn the Baritione Ukulele at Ruby’s Ukes?
Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles have the same tuning, and the Baritone is tuned like a guitar. We do intend to run specialist workshop in Baritone Guitar and Andrew Smith will be teaching these workshops. So at present we do not have Baritone Ukes in class.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?
We use Eventbrite for our on-line registration, internationally secure website to assist with the job of registering our growing number of students per term. I really appreciate this method as it  leaves me time to plan all the great new workshops, and courses I am going to run!  If you do not have a credit card please contact me to discuss the possibility of an alternative payment method.

What tuning do you teach in? C-tuning (GCEA) or D-tuning (ADF#B)?
We teach in C-tuning, if you have been playing in D-tuning you could re-tune your Ukulele.

I am left handed and would like to join the class what should I do?
We have a ukulele tuned for left handed people you could borrow in class and we could switch the strings for you, or you could just play right handed, everyone is learning to use both hands!

I would like to book you to come and play at my event,  or do a workshop in my workshop at my workplace? Would you be open to doing this?
Yes, I would be delighted to do this, please contact me for workshop, house concert or event information, I love any opportunity to play my Ukulele!

Please feel free to contact Ruby at rubysukes@gmail.com if you have any questions that remain unanswered. I’d be happy to chat to you! Ruby.