Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Outreach Program

Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Outreach is a Ukulele Mentoring and Sponsorship Program.
Our mission is to  bring  music into all areas of the community in Vancouver, BC!
Ukulele for healing, School programs, Community Youth Programs, Mum & Tot to name a few.

So far we have donated Ukuleles, tuners and Books to:

Ukulele for healing
we have supported Health Programs in and around Vancouver, BC
such as:
Callanish Cancer Retreats

Ukulele for music education
We have donated and mentored Schools in and around Vancouver, BC
such as:
Boundary Bay Montessori School

Ukulele in the community
We have supported a mum & tot program at a Neighbourhood house

(More to follow on this page)

If you would like to make a financial donation to this program or to bring the needs of your program to our attention please email Daphne Roubini (or Ruby)