Ruby’s Ukulele Orchestra

Mission | to create beautiful music simply

Eduardo Garcia & Patrick Metzger | Arranger and Conductor
Daphne Roubini | Founder and Artistic Director

Daphne Roubini had a dream when she started Ruby’s Ukes in 2009, that one day she would set up a Ukulele Orchestra.  In September 2015 this dream was realized working with Timothy Tweedale conducting and arranging,  this Orchestra is an instant hit with the students and audience goers alike. Now in it’s second incarnation with 45 members playing in 5 parts Uke 1, Uke2, Uke3, Uke4, and Bass. led by Eduardo Garcia and Patrick Metzger.

” It took 6 years to grow the school to the point where the students, were reading tablature and playing in a way that arrangement could be written for them.  Most of the students in the Orchestra never read or played music before coming to this school. It is a truly wonderful thing to behold!”