Ukulele Workshops

All workshops are held at our beautiful heritage teaching studio,
Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele School 525 Seymour Street
Workshops will take place on-line via Zoom, and back in our physical school as soon as the COVID-19 chapter has passed, hopefully soon!

Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Workshops are two hours long and cost $35
and are a great way to start playing, or hone your particular area of Uke interest!

Join us for a facebook live session with Daphne Roubini
next one to be scheduled soon! subscribe to our email list and like our facebook page to get notified when the next one will take place.
Spring/Summer workshops to come!

We look forward to helping you get your uke playing to your personal
next level!
  • Ruby’s Ukes past Ukulele workshops:
  • “Strum-a-way”
  • “Bluegrass Ukulele”
  • “Chord Melody”
  • “Jazz Ukulele”
  • “Fingerstyle Ukulele”
  • “Uke Can Free Your Voice”
  • “Uke Can Play Melodies”
  • “Uke Can Play The Blues”
  • “Uke Can Play ClawHammer”
  • “Uke Can Play Chord Melodies
  • “Uke Can Heal your Life”
  • “Uke Can Play ~ Beginners”
  • “Uke Can Solo ~ Advanced”
  • “Uke Can love Music theory”