Ukulele Workshops

All workshops are held at our beautiful heritage teaching studio,
Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele School 525 Seymour Street

Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele Workshops are two hours long and cost $35
and are a great way to start playing, or hone your particular area of Uke interest!

Ruby’s Ukes Absolute Beginners Ukulele Workshop
Sunday January 12th 2020
2.00pm – 4.00pm  
(13yrs -92yrs!)

Ruby’s Ukes presents a Ukulele Beginners Workshop Extraordinaire with Daphne Roubini at the helm will take place in a beautiful downtown Heritage Building – learning from a swing, jazz, blues, & folk repertoire.

The workshop is a 2 hour session and will leave you smiling and a whole lot smarter!
In this workshop you will learn the Basic Ukulele chords, simple songs and melodies to easily open the amazing world of Ukulele playing. Find out what the buzz is about!
The Cost is $35  ~ this includes a tea break with snacks and workshop handouts!

Ukuleles will be available to borrow (at no cost)  or for sale (prices range from $45 – $200) as well as Beginners Ukulele packages, Ukuleles, Ukulele tuners, bags, & straps.
This is a  great January pre-registration starter!

If you are planning on taking the Absolute Beginner course this workshop will give you a taste of what’s to come (with some of the same material repeated later) to get you familiarized and ready to play!
All you need for a FUN New Year playing the Ukulele!!
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The “Vocal Master class”
Ukulele Workshop
with Daphne Roubini
Saturday February 29th 2020
(Postponed from November 23rd 2019)


In this new 2 part Vocal workshop:

Daphne ‘Ruby’ Roubini (Vancouver Jazz Festival spotlight artist 2019, and main-stage performer Vancouver Folk Festival 2019) will share her tools and techniques to enhance and help you connect with your true voice, where you will learn simple effective vocal techniques that can be explored with or without your ukulele. AND how to become a confident singer! Whether you plan to play just for yourself, at your office Christmas party, or on stage, this is an invaluable workshop for anyone who would like to take their singing to the next level!

Then, based on a jazz vocal master class format, where  ‘the floor’ is then opened up for participants to perform a song that you are working on, with your ukulele for the class with Daphne giving constructive, encouraging feedback, and tips, on how to get the best out of your voice and performance.

Participants will then learn from each others’ experience and feedback through observation. This will  be presented in a fun, very supportive environment where participation is encouraged!!  Tips will be given to help with performance nerves too, if you have some that is!

Daphne found that doing vocal master classes really helped on her journey with her ability to perform in front of others as she was as shy singer once. So this is the perfect workshop for you from if you are just ‘coming out’ as a singer, to those who are thinking of ‘performing out’ more regularly.  As Daphne is asked very regularly to give private vocal coaching lesson she created this workshop, as she truly believes that the best way to learn is from others.

So join us for this very supportive, vocally changing workshop. Bring a song you are working on to help you take it, and your sharing of it, to the next level!

(Daphne Roubini is Ruby the founder of Ruby’s Uke Ukulele School and lead vocalist in Black Gardenia Vintage Jazz band and Ruby & Smith jazz/folk duo)
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We look forward to helping you get your uke playing to your personal
next level!
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