What VUF 2018 attendees were saying…


“I just want to thank you for organizing such a fantastic Ukulele Festival this year! I’ve been to lots of music camps and workshops, but this one was the most inspiring and fun! The Friday concert was amazing, and all those gifted musicians turned out to be excellent teachers as well. What a dream line up you pulled together! I hope you’re very pleased with how it went – everyone I spoke with had a great time and were keen to get home and get practising!Thank you Ruby for all the work you did to make it all happen.”


“Fantastic! Something for everyone! Variety of music and voice fun times! The organization! Ruby’s welcoming manner! Snacks! The friendly volunteers! Thanks Ruby and Andy!”


“Wonderful! I go away from the weekend feeling energized, inspired and excited to incorporate new learning in my own play and leading groups. Great to have so much space! Good location.  The concert and the workshops were absolutely amazing. The best VUF ever! I love the emphasis on education – I loved all the instructors – I hope they all come back! Great to have some open mic and jam time too.”


“Awesome! Great venue. Good lighting, easy to get to by bus or walking.”


“To all of the Ruby’s Ukes group. Thanks for the awesome weekend. The festival was so well organized and run that it allowed the participants to be able to relax and learn and play. The classes and the teachers were amazing. I was able to take classes from Tim, Craig, Eduardo, Abe, Daniel and Heidi. I learned so much and it was great to build on what I’ve learned at Ruby’s Ukes. The classes on improvisation and chord melodies really added to what I ‘ve learnt from Andy and Tim, and Heidi has inspired me to write a country and western song! So thanks again Ruby for organizing this event!”



“10/10 Wonderful workshops, such great talent!  Festival tutors were A+++”


“Awesome! First uke festival that I have not (or wanted to) sneak out of even one workshop. The venue was great with lots of space, music stands on site, great sound system, volunteers all cheerful and helpful, easy/free parking. I loved the workshops, organization and use of time – with extras like open mics @ lunch, and late afternoon jam sessions. Ruby, lots of hard work to organize, thank you!”



“Overall experience was great! I can’t believe what this kind of immersion does to my learning!”


“I loved Ruby, the talented instructors! The group jams! Thank you for an awesome and memorable experience!”


“Wonderful, amazing, inspiring. I learned a lot and had lots of fun, also chose my next ukulele from Tapestry!


“Very positive! Excellent Uke teachers! Name tags and welcome kit! Thank for the tea and cookies. Wonderful venue! Spacious, clean. Round tables were great for having lunch and meeting friends and coat checks at the back. A wonderful experience! Thank you Daphne and team.”


“I loved the place, the people, the workshops, the atmosphere!”


“Superb! Instructors/performers were all so talented and good at teaching too! I loved the quality of the instructors and fun atmosphere, all in all A-1 festival thanks to Ruby’s Ukes and volunteers!”


“Excellent! Very good overall experience – would come again for years! Overall atmosphere is encouraging. Thank you.”


“Loved the comradery, variety of classes, level of classes.”


“Amazing location with such a large group, and I loved the welcoming spirit of the staff.”




Thank you one and all attendees 2018! I have been carefully reading all the feedback since the beginning of the festival in 2009 and each year it just gets better! I can’t wait to see many of you again and to make some new Ukulele friends at the VUF 2019!