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“The Ticket – Vancouver Ukulele Festival”
by Yuliia Mostova read article
March 22nd 2019
Vancouver Magazine

“Instrument of the people-
showcased at the Vancouver Ukulele Festival”
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March 17th 2019
Vancouver Sun, The Province, The Recorder and Times

“What’s in your Fridge?”
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March 16th 2019
Georgia Straight

“Things to do in Vancouver”
March 14th 2019 read article

“Vancouver Ukulele Festival celebrates
10 years of persistence and plucking”

by John Kurucz   read article
March 13th 2019
Vancouver Courier (front cover)

“An Epic Festival takes place in Vancouver next month”
by Elana Shepert  read article 
February 27th 2019
Vancouver is Awesome

“18 Awesome things to do this month”
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February 27th 2019
The Populist

“Vancouver Adventures: Our Picks for April 21st to 27th”
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April 17th 2018
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“The Vancouver Ukulele Festival continues to grow”
by Mike Usinger   read article
March 1st 2017
Georgia Straight

“The Scout list “
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March 4th 2015
Globe and Mail