What we do

Ruby’s Ukes is, at face value, a Ukulele School in Vancouver. Once experienced, it becomes clear it’s so much more.

“Soon after I started Ruby’s Ukes I noticed that my students weren’t just blossoming as players. They started telling me that they were feeling so much happier. It was more than looking forward to the class. They were feeling better about their everyday lives.”

That’s Daphne talking about the power of the ukulele. She should know. She’s seen it happen hundreds of times.

Ruby’s Ukes workshops can have that kind of effect on people. These are group experiences, where strangers quickly become friends, bonded by their discoveries as learning together sees chords turn into songs and into performances. Every class is uplifting, inspirational and, above all, FUN!

Learning the ukulele gives people the chance to become their own musician, with all the creative freedoms that brings. As Daphne will tell you, the ukulele delivers more than the sum of its parts. Spiritual? Emotional? Even physical benefits? With Ruby’s Ukes, anything’s possible.

“Learning to play the ukulele challenged us to stop and listen to each other. We learned, we laughed and we had a sense of accomplishment, as we strummed and created beautiful music together. This was just what the doctor ordered!”
Liz Choquette, Vancouver Coastal Health

“How do we take care of ourselves as medical professionals working in the midst of pain and suffering day after day? At our first meeting Daphne introduced me to the sweetest of all instruments, the ukulele. What a magnificent discovery!  On hearing the first song Daphne sang and played for me, I felt my heart immediately soften and open. I knew then that the ukulele is an instrument of the heart. Now every night, before I go to sleep, I sit in bed with my ukulele and sing two or three songs to honour the moments of connection in my day, the good and the difficult, and then drift off to sleep with my heart wide open. The insomnia I have lived with for quite a few years has literally vanished! My deep thanks to Daphne for the inspiration to bring the ukulele into my life. “
Janie Brown, RN, MSN, MA, Executive Director, Callanish Society

For more information, please contact Daphne Roubini on 1-604-781-8670 or email her on daphneroubini@gmail.com. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are very friendly.